8 Ways To Encourage and Motivate Yourself To Exercise | Lifestyle

1. Set goals 

Setting goals is an essential way of tracking progress and a way of deciding where you want to be. This doesn't necessarily have to be weight-loss or muscle gain goals it could just be general fitness and a slight improvement of what you already do. The most important part of setting goals is to make them realistic and achievable. Start small and then increase them as you begin exercising more. 

2. Find a fitness partner

This was really essential for me as I don't have the confidence to walk into the gym on my own, totally feels like all eyes are on me. I found that I wasn't as focused when I was on my own which is quite strange I know! I've found it really motivational going to the gym with my boyfriend as we encourage and keep each other in check! 

3. Buy workout clothes

I found this the most encouraging thing! I love buying new clothes and having a new excuse and reason to buy clothes, of course, is exciting! You don't have to spend an awful amount of money on workout clothes, there are some really affordable clothes out there. I've invested in a decent pair of trainers and I really recommend it! (I didn't spend a fortune as I got them in the sale!) 
4. Make a playlist

I find listening to music almost twice as enjoyable when working out. Taking time to work out what music you want to listen to whilst exercising will help to keep you motivated. There are lots of pre-made playlists on iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify. Not to mention the countless workout albums available! 

5. Have a balanced diet

Another important part of keeping to the routine is clean eating and ensuring you have a balanced diet. This helps to keep me motivated. The healthier foods I eat, the more encouraged I feel to do some exercise. I've been able to discover new recipes from books, apps and online. I've found it really useful to make a food plan for the week ahead, this way I am able to see exactly what I was going to eat and what foods were going to make me feel motivated!
6. Reward yourself 

This is something which I feel is often overlooked when it comes to exercising or starting at the gym. It's always good to reward yourself when you work hard. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean McDonald's when you come out the gym, however, a treat or cheat day is deserved every once in a while!

7. Make exercise your stress relief 

Lots of people often find that going to the gym becomes a form of stress relief. It's a way to get rid of all that negative energy and just focus on something else for a while. It's a way to distract yourself from everything that is happening. You often feel much better about yourself when you've gotten rid of some of that frustration. Make stress relief the reason to go to the gym rather than the reason you avoid it.

8.  Make time for exercise

I find this one really important as well as interesting. It's something which I have a love/hate relationship for. Over the past few years, more so since I started university I've found myself 'not having enough time' for exercise when really, is that just an excuse? I've learned the importance of making time for exercise and it doesn't take a miracle believe it or not. It's something which if you start small and increase it over time you'll suddenly realise that it's become part of your routine and wonder what you ever did with that time before. 

What are your motivational exercise tips?

- Hanney xo 

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