Thursday, 7 September 2017

My In-Flight Essentials | Travel

Hello lovelies,

As you're reading this I'm currently sunning myself and exploring the beautiful city of Milan with my best friend. I decided to get ahead and schedule some blog posts for you to read whilst I'm away. I thought there's nothing better than sharing with you my In-Flight Essentials. I strangely really enjoy reading these posts and thought you might too! It's a helpful guide for me to use as a travel checklist when packing my bag as well. 

As I'm going to be exploring the city which involves lots of walking I thought it would be a good idea to take a backpack, something comfortable for me to carry around also allowing me to have my hands free so I can use my camera. I've decided to use this backpack as my hand luggage as it fits the perfect amount inside. My backpack is from Primark for £9 and it's a gorgeous blush pink colour with a rose gold coloured buckle to keep everything secure.

Here's a list of important things which are going to be inside my hand luggage:

Passport and Travel Documents 
I like to be super organised with all my documents that I need so that nothing gets lost and it's easy and accessible to find. I bought this gorgeous pink and rose gold folder (have you noticed my theme yet?) This will keep everything together such as my passport, boarding passes, insurance details and currency. 

Being a photographer, of course, I'm taking my camera. No one goes on holiday without one now, do they! I'm taking my Canon 600D with a few different lenses including; 18-55mm, 50mm and 35mm. I'm also taking my Polaroid camera and a photo album to store my Polaroids in whilst I'm away. I've also decided to take my iPad Mini so I can keep up to date with social media and things whilst I'm away. 

Next, come things which are essential bits and bobs but don't really come under a category. Things like:

- Wet Wipes 
- Headphones
- Reading Book 
- Lip Balm 
- Sweets, Water, Magazine (usually bought at the airport)
- Hand Sanitiser 
- Perfume Atomiser 
- Rescue Remedy
- Sunglasses 
- Purse
- Notebook and Pen 

There isn't much else to it really! My flight is only 2 hours long so I imagine it will go by quite fast, as well as having Amy to talk to the whole way!

A short but sweet post today, what things do you take in your hand luggage? 

- Hanney xo

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