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I'm very late to the game with the transition from makeup wipes to a cleanser to remove my makeup. I've tried a range of micellar waters but I've never been majorly impressed with them. About a year ago I came to the realisation of how bad it is for your skin to remove your makeup with a makeup wipe and leave it at that. Since then I've been on the hunt for a fast and effective way to remove my makeup. I have to admit it, after a long day I just want to remove my makeup as fast as possible and go straight to bed so using a make-up wipe seemed like the easiest and best option. However I soon realised how bad this was for my skin and knew that I needed to improve my skincare reigme. 

That's when I decided to set myself a goal of a month without make-up wipes. A way that I could access the difference in my skin by using different products to remove my make-up. I used to use Garnier Cleansing wipes which I thought did a pretty good job at removing make-up!

A couple of months ago I was kindly gifted the new Garnier Cleansing Milk with Aloe Extract to test and review. I was really excited to test this as I'd never tried a cleasing milk before. I wanted to give it a proper run for its money and really put it to the test. So I decided to use it every day for the past month on the days I've been wearing make-up. I instantly started to notice a difference and improvement in my skin in just two weeks. My skin is so much softer and feels healthier once I've removed my makeup, this is compared to using normal facial wipes to remove make-up. Also comparing it to micellar water I felt there was a huge difference. This cleansing milk is smoother and so much more hydrating. I loved the feeling of how it left my skin after. It felt soft, clean and refreshed. I was worried whether it was going to leave an oily finish to the face however that wasn't a problem at all. It's gentle around the eyes to remove any mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner. I really liked that you didn't have to work at it to get it to come off, it was natural and completely pain-free! It didn't make the chore of taking off makeup​ feel like a chore! Which is something which was really important to me. It didn't take up a huge amount of time either, possibly even quicker than using a make-up wipe! 

How do you use the cleansing milk you might be wondering? 
Well, in fact it's actually very simple! Simply, pour some of the cleansing milk onto a cotton pad I like to use the large cotton pads from the baby section in Superdrug! Start with a small amount because you can always add more! Next, just swipe the cotton pad over your face and you'll begin to see your make-up melting away onto the cotton pad, as if by magic! I like to go over my face a few times to make sure I've got all the make-up and dirt off of my face. It's as easy as that! I much prefer using the cleansing milk to anything else as it's so soft and moisturing. 

Garnier have recently brought out some other cleansing milks in the Skin Active Range. I'm looking forward to trying the honey flower one! (They depend on the type of skin you have whether its normal to combination or dry to very dry skin)

I'm officially converted to using cleansing milk as part of my routine and don't want to return back to the dreaded make-up wipes! 

Have you tried a cleansing milk before? 

- Hanney xo

*This product was kindly gifted to me by Garnier however all opinions as always, are my own!

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