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I possibly could've written this post a month or so ago, however, I really wanted to put these products to the test and give them a run for their money so not only would it be a haul but a good old review of the products as well. I find that they are often much more useful, after all, you want to know whether they're any good or not! 

First up, these are the products I bought:

  • Tea Tree Oil 10ml
  • Vitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish 125ml
  • Tea Tree Rescue Kit containing; 3in1 Face Wash Scrub 125ml & Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution 50ml
  • All In One InstaBlur 25ml

Tea Tree Rescue Kit containing; 3in1 Face Wash Scrub 125ml & Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution 50ml
In the January sale, I decided to purchase the Tea Tree Rescue Kit as it worked out cheaper than buying the products individually! After using them for a few months I can see such an improvement in my skin. Using both the products together works like a dream. My skin is so much healthier and much better at fighting off any blemishes. I recommend using the 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub, Mask in the morning as a face wash and occasionally leaving it on my face for 2-3 minutes to really clean out my pores. It's such a fresh cooling sensation because of the tea tree ingredients which I love. Once I've come out the shower I often put a few drops of the anti-imperfection solution on a cotton pad and smear across my face, once it has soaked into my skin I proceed with moisturiser and my makeup for the day.

I then decided to re-purchase All-in-one InstaBlur as I've previously used it for about 6 months and fell in love! I don't really know how to describe the consistency of it, it's a strange one other than so incredibly soft and blends like a dream to give your face a smooth finish ready to apply foundation. I've found that my foundation sits really well on top and lasts a lot longer, always a bonus! 

I was intrigued to find out about the Vitamin C Daily Glow cleansing polish. It's just like a normal face wash which smells gorgeous however I can't say whether I've really noticed a difference in my skin. I'm not sure that it gives my skin a 'daily glow' however consistent everyday use might be necessary. 

Lastly, the small little bottle of tea tree oil is a life saver! This is the essential for targeting spots. Any blemish which appears red or makes you feel like it's taking over your face, pop some oil on a cotton bud or cotton pad and apply to the area and it reduces in size a lot quicker than usual, I was really impressed! Definitely, repurchase!

I hope to make another Body Shop order soon, what products do you recommend me adding to my basket? 

- Hanney xo

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