Onwards and upwards | Welcome to 2017

Welcome back! 

Usually, I'd be writing this post in January saying welcome to the new year or I would've picked up from where I left off on 27th October. Unfortunately, I really haven't been too well over the last few months. So much so all my Christmas blog posts are still steadily in my drafts waiting until next year. Sometimes things happen and you get completely swept off of your feet and there's nothing you can do about it apart from slowly picking yourself up and getting back into a slight routine. I'd like to stay I'm much better now, however, I know there's a long journey ahead and this is just the beginning. This is something which I'm so unsure of talking about just yet and I'm not sure when I'll be able to open up about it on my blog. This isn't something which is unfamiliar to me, it's been a dark cloud hovering over me for quite some time. (Something important to remember is not all illnesses are physical and can be seen). 

Moving forward with 2017 I would like to say that I feel more prepared and ready to organise myself, my work and my blog. I'm so excited to get back on track with it and upload regularly. Posting once a week. I am yet to decide on an upload day and fully decide on the content I want to post however I'm working on it and have been since January. I wanted to assure myself that almost everything is in place and ready to get my blog up and running again as it's the worst feeling and I feel like I've let so much down when I don't upload and my blog just stops.

I've been crazy busy with uni work recently but boy am I proud of it. I finally have my website up and running and I'm super happy and pleased with it! I'm constantly adding new work and looking for ways to improve. I'd be overly grateful if you had a little look and gave me some feedback, good or bad! Everything is useful! Link to my website here: Hannahtapscott.com

Here's to a great 2017 and looking upwards. I'm extremely excited to see my career and blog grow over the coming months! 

Thank you for being supportive and understanding as well! 

- Love Hanney xo

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