Thursday, 2 November 2017

A Timeless Jewellery Piece - Cluse Watch Review | Fashion

I hope you've appreciated my pun in the title. Personally, I thought it was great and I couldn't not use it. 

I was fortunate enough to be sent this gorgeous grey and rose gold Cluse watch by Browns Family Jewellers to celebrate the history of watch fashion. If you aren't familiar with Browns Family Jewellers then let me introduce them to you a little. They are a boutique jewellers based in the North West of England with stores in Leeds, Mexborough, Barnsley, Sheffield and Halifax as well as an online store offering new and vintage pieces. 

Browns Family Jewellers is a brand that has over 20 years of experience and prides themselves on their customer experience and high quality of service making them one of the leading high street jewellers in Yorkshire. Browns is passionate about delving into the history of staple fashion accessories. This timeline of timepiece trends shows the first military wristwatch to the luxury Rolex to the fashion tech of the Apple watch. 


Being a huge lover of anything rose gold and grey I knew this watch was perfect for me the minute I saw it. It's such a classic yet minimalist elegant style. It's ever so delicate and light to wear making it the perfect accessory to any outfit. Suitable for day or night. It has an adjustable strap which is perfect for my small wrists, being able to wear this watch without having links taken out first was very useful! The strap can also easily be interchanged allowing you to personalise it in any way that you wish. 

The presentation of Cluse Watches is definitely something worth making a song and dance about. They arrive in a grey leather wrap-style pouch keeping it protected. It's very travel-friendly which is something which is important to me. It's great for keeping it scratch and damage free when on the go. Sometimes carrying around a watch box becomes rather impractical so being able to fit this small but protective pouch in your bag is ideal. 

This would make a perfect gift for family, friends or whether you'd just like to treat yourself. You can view the full range of watches by Browns Family Jewellers by just clicking hereMy watch is currently reduced to £59.96, usually £79.95 here.

What is your favourite watch from the history of fashion?

- Hanney xo


Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Halloween Inspired Clothing Edit | Lifestyle

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash
I have to be honest, I'm not the biggest of fan of Halloween, however, I certainly appreciate the great selection of clothing available and love watching Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube! I've recently come across quite a few great Halloween themed clothes and accessories! I thought it would be great to share for any of those last minute shoppers!

Although having said that, I've just made an order of these super cute pyjamas below because I don't see why I can't wear these all year round! That's the beauty with black clothing with bats or cats on, you can pretty much wear them all year round and get away with it! Without further ado, here's what I've been loving:

I've been trying to avoid Asos recently and not spend any un-necessary money but it's been so difficult! I couldn't help but want to share these cute pieces when I saw them! Let me know if you buy anything!

Do you have any Halloween plans? 

- Hanney 

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

How To Keep That Gorgeous Summer Glow in Winter With Tropic Skincare | Beauty

The beginning of September suddenly feels like it was a lifetime ago but during this time I was currently on holiday with my best friend in Milan. Before I went on holiday I decided to reach out on Twitter for recommendations of tinted moisturisers or light make-up to take with me. There's nothing worse than being in a hot country sweating in the heat and having thick heavy make-up on. 

The lovely team at Tropic Skincare decided to get in touch and send over some products for me to try out whilst on holiday. As you can imagine, I was quite nervous to try out new products on my skin for the first time especially whilst on holiday. I was concerned my skin might react to it. However, I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and challenge myself to do something that seemed a little scary however could give great results! I’m definitely the type of person who doesn’t change or alter statement pieces within my skincare routine unless I’m really invested in it. 

I was sent a lovely press release book explaining about all the products and how best to use them. I found this very useful because I wasn’t too sure what exactly to do with a gradual tanning face serum. I was kindly sent the nourishing cream to mix together and then apply after cleansing. I found this surprisingly easy to use, simply apply it all over your face, blend it in with your fingers and make sure it's an even coverage. It adds a lovely subtle and buildable bronze colour to your face which is really easy to work with. It's a natural warmth to the face which I was really pleased with as I was a little concerned it was going to be like applying fake tan to your face! Might have been a little worried that I was going to appear like an umpa-lumpa! Definitely, don't be put off at how dark the sun drops are even though they can be daunting! It creates a soft base which helps to naturally enhance that summer glow. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this product was. Sun Drops is what I was the most nervous to try just because it was something so new and unknown to me. This is a product I feel can be used all year round, especially if you have quite pale skin like me. It's a natural-looking warmth. 

Whilst trying and testing Skin Revive I was glad to see that it didn't leave my skin feeling dry. It applied the right about of hydration to my skin that was needed which was whilst in 30-degree heat. I have only used this moisturiser combined with the sun drops so I can't say what it's like on its own however I can imagine it is very similar, leaving a smooth feeling on your face ready for primer. 

The tinted skin shade was exactly the product that I was hoping for! I was amazed at the fact it is SPF 50! This was something that was really important to me. This was in the shade Light/Medium and it was the perfect match for my skin. I applied this with a normal foundation and it gave a great light matte coverage. It wasn't shiny or heavy on my skin, it felt as if I didn't have any make-up on however it gave a warm healthy glow to my skin. I then applied the rest of my make-up to complete my look. I often now use this on days where I don't want to apply a full face of make-up however I still want something to give me some warm and colour, giving my skin a healthy glow. 

Have you ever used any Tropic Skincare products? 

- Hanney xo 

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

DIY Cork Board | Room Decor | DIY

Today's post is something a little different. It's not obvious but I am the biggest DIY fan! I love it. My favourite videos to watch on YouTube has got to be DIY Room Decor. I thought, why not actually make something that is going to be useful and share it with you in case you feel inspired to re-create one yourself!

You will need:
  • Corks
  • Frame (old photo)
  • Glue gun 
  • Heat resistant mat
  • Small hand saw
  • Cutting Mat

Step one: Gathering all the corks
Now, you're most likely wondering how I ended up with such a large collection of corks. There's a really interesting collectable store back at home which sells almost anything. Every time I go in there is always something different and I happened to notice a box full of corks, all for 1p each! Of course, I thought this was a great opportunity to get creative and make something out of my collection of DIYs! You might have a jumble, scrap store near you that sells corks, if you do then you're lucky! If not, maybe ask around family and friends and begin your own cork collection. 

Step Two: Choose your frame
Choose a frame or an old photo that you want to use. This can be any size, small or large. If you haven't got as many corks you might want to create a small corkboard that could sit on your desk. I happened to find my frame with a deep picture in the sale for £3 in TKMaxx. I wasn't bothered what the photo looked like as I was covering it with corks anyway!

Step Three: Begin cutting the corks
This step isn't compulsory but it depends on how deep your frame is. I decided to cut all of my corks in half (also a way of cutting down on how many you need!). I had a hand saw lying around from a previous DIY project so I decided to use this to cut my corks. I've got to warn you that it's definitely not as easy as it looks! 

Step Four: Stick down the corks
Position your corks onto your picture frame as you want and begin to glue them down. I found it was easier to glue the end of the cork and then stick it onto the photo rather than to apply the glue straight to the picture. As an alternative instead of a glue gun, you could use wood glue. Keep glueing the corks onto the board until it's completely full. 

Step Five: Begin customising
I've kept mine very basic however you could paint some of the corks to give it some more colour and brighten it up a little. Once I was happy with it I decided to go ahead and attach it to the wall using command hooks (excellent invention) and then started to add some photos and notes. 

And you're all done! A fun DIY that doesn't take too long and looks great once it's finished!

This is the final outcome of my corkboard. Let me know your thoughts, might you give this DIY a try?

- Love Hanney xo

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

8 Ways To Encourage and Motivate Yourself To Exercise | Lifestyle

1. Set goals 

Setting goals is an essential way of tracking progress and a way of deciding where you want to be. This doesn't necessarily have to be weight-loss or muscle gain goals it could just be general fitness and a slight improvement of what you already do. The most important part of setting goals is to make them realistic and achievable. Start small and then increase them as you begin exercising more. 

2. Find a fitness partner

This was really essential for me as I don't have the confidence to walk into the gym on my own, totally feels like all eyes are on me. I found that I wasn't as focused when I was on my own which is quite strange I know! I've found it really motivational going to the gym with my boyfriend as we encourage and keep each other in check! 

3. Buy workout clothes

I found this the most encouraging thing! I love buying new clothes and having a new excuse and reason to buy clothes, of course, is exciting! You don't have to spend an awful amount of money on workout clothes, there are some really affordable clothes out there. I've invested in a decent pair of trainers and I really recommend it! (I didn't spend a fortune as I got them in the sale!) 
4. Make a playlist

I find listening to music almost twice as enjoyable when working out. Taking time to work out what music you want to listen to whilst exercising will help to keep you motivated. There are lots of pre-made playlists on iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify. Not to mention the countless workout albums available! 

5. Have a balanced diet

Another important part of keeping to the routine is clean eating and ensuring you have a balanced diet. This helps to keep me motivated. The healthier foods I eat, the more encouraged I feel to do some exercise. I've been able to discover new recipes from books, apps and online. I've found it really useful to make a food plan for the week ahead, this way I am able to see exactly what I was going to eat and what foods were going to make me feel motivated!
6. Reward yourself 

This is something which I feel is often overlooked when it comes to exercising or starting at the gym. It's always good to reward yourself when you work hard. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean McDonald's when you come out the gym, however, a treat or cheat day is deserved every once in a while!

7. Make exercise your stress relief 

Lots of people often find that going to the gym becomes a form of stress relief. It's a way to get rid of all that negative energy and just focus on something else for a while. It's a way to distract yourself from everything that is happening. You often feel much better about yourself when you've gotten rid of some of that frustration. Make stress relief the reason to go to the gym rather than the reason you avoid it.

8.  Make time for exercise

I find this one really important as well as interesting. It's something which I have a love/hate relationship for. Over the past few years, more so since I started university I've found myself 'not having enough time' for exercise when really, is that just an excuse? I've learned the importance of making time for exercise and it doesn't take a miracle believe it or not. It's something which if you start small and increase it over time you'll suddenly realise that it's become part of your routine and wonder what you ever did with that time before. 

What are your motivational exercise tips?

- Hanney xo 

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Blogger Meet Up Events | UK

Hello and welcome to my blog if you've never been here before and if you have then thank you for coming back! 

Today I want to introduce a really exciting project that I want lots of you to get involved in. I'm sure many of you are aware; during summer I have been looking for bloggers with dressing tables to photograph to create a book. It was a great story and all the planning was going exceptionally well, however, I, unfortunately, don't have the financial resources to travel all over the UK to 20+ houses within 10 weeks. This means that I've had to adapt my story and my idea to the best of my ability. 

My new idea is as follows: Bloggers in Coffee Shops. 

This will quite possibly even be the title of my book. I want to keep it as simple as possible but really explore online friendships and who you are behind the screen. 

My aim is to create around 7+ meetups in coffee shops all over the UK. The location will depend on what is most accessible to the majority. I want as many people to be involved as possible! I then would love the opportunity to take your portrait in the coffee shops and document the interaction between everyone. I want to show what happens offline and what happens in the coffee shop. 

Now I've got the super exciting and important part out of the way I'll introduce myself a little more and explain what this project is for etc. 

I've just started my 3rd year at university studying Editorial and Advertising Photography. This book will be a huge part of my Final Major Project and will be displayed at our London Degree Show in May 2018. I am currently based between Bristol and Cheltenham and willing to travel to get the right images for my book!

Your portrait will appear in the book alongside your blog URL and a little information about yourselves and your blog. 

I love being part of the blogging community so this is something I really want to explore whilst creating so many new amazing friendships. 

As of yet, I haven't planned any locations or dates or who is involved! If you would like to be involved could I ask that you please send an email to '' with your name, location (where would be best for the meet-up place for you, or if you're willing to travel a little) and your blog URL. This information is so I can keep a database of people. I want you because you're a blogger and not what your blog looks like, you can be a newbie or part of the community for years, everyone is welcome! 

If there is something I haven't covered or if you've got any questions you want to ask, then  please feel free to comment below, drop me an email or tweet me (@BlogAboutHanney)

I really hope lots of you get involved because there's so many of you that I would love to meet and I feel this is a really great opportunity! I'd hugely appreciate any help, support, and promotion with this project! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you! 

- Love always, Hanney 


Thursday, 7 September 2017

My In-Flight Essentials | Travel

Hello lovelies,

As you're reading this I'm currently sunning myself and exploring the beautiful city of Milan with my best friend. I decided to get ahead and schedule some blog posts for you to read whilst I'm away. I thought there's nothing better than sharing with you my In-Flight Essentials. I strangely really enjoy reading these posts and thought you might too! It's a helpful guide for me to use as a travel checklist when packing my bag as well. 

As I'm going to be exploring the city which involves lots of walking I thought it would be a good idea to take a backpack, something comfortable for me to carry around also allowing me to have my hands free so I can use my camera. I've decided to use this backpack as my hand luggage as it fits the perfect amount inside. My backpack is from Primark for £9 and it's a gorgeous blush pink colour with a rose gold coloured buckle to keep everything secure.

Here's a list of important things which are going to be inside my hand luggage:

Passport and Travel Documents 
I like to be super organised with all my documents that I need so that nothing gets lost and it's easy and accessible to find. I bought this gorgeous pink and rose gold folder (have you noticed my theme yet?) This will keep everything together such as my passport, boarding passes, insurance details and currency. 

Being a photographer, of course, I'm taking my camera. No one goes on holiday without one now, do they! I'm taking my Canon 600D with a few different lenses including; 18-55mm, 50mm and 35mm. I'm also taking my Polaroid camera and a photo album to store my Polaroids in whilst I'm away. I've also decided to take my iPad Mini so I can keep up to date with social media and things whilst I'm away. 

Next, come things which are essential bits and bobs but don't really come under a category. Things like:

- Wet Wipes 
- Headphones
- Reading Book 
- Lip Balm 
- Sweets, Water, Magazine (usually bought at the airport)
- Hand Sanitiser 
- Perfume Atomiser 
- Rescue Remedy
- Sunglasses 
- Purse
- Notebook and Pen 

There isn't much else to it really! My flight is only 2 hours long so I imagine it will go by quite fast, as well as having Amy to talk to the whole way!

A short but sweet post today, what things do you take in your hand luggage? 

- Hanney xo


Thursday, 24 August 2017

5 Products I'm Excited To Try | Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Hello lovelies,

Recently when reading blog post reviews of products I've been writing a little list of things I want to buy that has been recommended. That way when I go shopping I have an idea of what a good product is to buy! I've been really enjoying this style of shopping lately, especially with make-up and skin care products. I remember the days of going into Boots or Superdrug and picking something up just to see what it was like, however, I don't have as much of a budget to simply do that so I tend to only buy things when they've had a pretty good review and I'm excited to try it myself. Of course, not always is it a success that I love the product but it's always a great place to start!

So today I thought I would share some of these products which I've recently picked up and look forward to trying!

Winky Lux Green Flower Balm - £13 (£6.50 SALE)

I recently bought this flower balm in the Beauty Bay sale! I've heard a lot about them and thought it looked unbelievably cute and interesting! It claims to change colour adapting to your natural lips colour. I'm a little sceptical about this but I'm happy to give it a try and if it doesn't work then at least it looks nice!

KIKO Powder Blush - £5.90

I have to be honest, I've had this gorgeous blusher for quite a while but haven't been able to bring myself to use it. It's gorgeous! So aesthetically pleasing that I simply don't want to ruin it. Although I'm super excited to see what the colour payout is going to be, it looks like it's going to be super pigmented but who knows. I'm super intrigued to see how it's going to apply, maybe temptation will get the better of me!

 Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser - £4.99

I've recently seen this hot cloth cleanser compared and talked about as a dupe for the famously well known Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. At £4.99 from ALDI, I thought this was a bargain and something that I immediately wanted to try out for myself. I want to test to see whether it lives up to the recommendations and whether it really is worth the hype! Of course, because it was from ALDI it isn't something which is always available and I was lucky enough to pick the last one up on the shelf!

Primark - Makeup remover cloth - £1.50

There's been a lot of talk lately about the makeup eraser cloth that sounds amazing but with the price tag of £16, it's a little out my budget! That's when I saw Just Jodes use this one in a video and I was really intrigued! For only £1.50 I thought it was worth putting it to the test to see if it actually works! You might see it in an upcoming favourites post, watch this space.

L.A. Girl Light Yellow Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer - £5

I recently asked for recommendations for something to order on Beauty Bay (as if I needed any encouragement!) I received plenty of responses about this concealer, I decided to order the yellow colour corrector as it claims 'to brighten under eye circles and correct dullness'. With the amount of uni stress and late nights, I thought I could definitely do with this product in my makeup bag! I'm looking forward to seeing if this lives up to the reviews. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this style of post, it's a little different from usual but as I had collected a few things together I wanted to take the opportunity to share them with you! Have you tried any of these products? Would you give them a hit or a miss? 

- Hanney xo


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Finding the perfect summer fragrance*

L'Occitane Soft & Delicate Cherry Blossom Fragrance
Going on holiday is always exciting. There are several ways I like to document and remember my trips away. One of my favourite ways is having a specific scent for a holiday. It's always lovely to come home and spray that fragrance all over and remember what it was like on holiday. Unfortunately, it doesn't bring the amazing weather back with it but I find it's a lovely way to bring back some memories. 

In September I'm heading to Milan with my best friend and I've been on the hunt for a new summer fragrance to take on holiday with me, something quite light and floral. I'd thought I'd share this post with you today about some fragrances I've been testing, trying and loving recently! 

L'Occitane store in Bath
I was recently shopping in Bath and passed the L´Occitane store and decided to see what fragrances they have to offer. I wanted to quickly talk about my experience in store as I am overly impressed and left feeling a very happy customer. The staff were ever so friendly and helpful. I was immediately offered some Elderflower water which I must add was lovely! I explained that I was looking for something light, floral and fresh. I was instantly recommended, Cherry Blossom which was the perfect one for me! I explored a few other popular choices, however, was soon brought back to the beautiful Cherry Blossom scent with notes of freesia, cherry and lily of the valley. Something which I noticed and loved was the variety of formats; roll-on, travel minis as well as alcohol-free solid perfumes. The roll-on formulas are perfect for popping in your handbag and topping up whilst on the go. Not only are these fragrances pretty but practical too! 

Check out the full range of fragrances L´Occitane.

Dolce&Gabbana - L'Impératrice 3' eau de toilette
I've recently been loving this D&G Fragrance which I actually received as a birthday present last year from my best friend (Thanks, Ams!) It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle, however, is rather heavy to carry around in my handbag so I will definitely look at taking some in a small atomiser bottle. The scent of this perfume is described as exotic fruits and bright pink florals which I would say sums it up perfectly! 

Check out the fragrance here.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
I actually received this perfume, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream as a present too! It's a fragrance I've been loving for quite a while. It's a very light, dreamy scent. With fruity and floral notes creating an elegant fragrance. Perfect for on holiday or for special occasions! This comes in a gorgeous glass bottle which again is very heavy and would have to be taken in an atomiser. You can read my full review in more detail here.

Check out the fragrance here.

Top tip: When you spray the perfume onto your skin, don't rub your wrists together as it breaks up the top notes within the perfume. It will last much longer and smell as beautiful as it does when it comes out the bottle if you leave it to naturally soak into your skin. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which fragrances you recommend I take on holiday with me. What fragrances have you been loving recently? 

- Hanney xo

*This post is sponsored by Three Pipe for their client L'Occitane. However, as always, all opinions are my own. 


Thursday, 10 August 2017



Thank you to everyone who entered and took part! 

Hello, lovelies!

I'm super excited to be writing this post! I recently reached 1,000 followers on Bloglovin'. I wanted to celebrate by giving back to one of you. I have decided to host this giveaway as a way of saying thank you! It might seem like a little number to some people but to me, it's a huge milestone! It's so rewarding to have people who constantly read each blog post of mine and take the time to write a comment and/or share it on social media. It honestly means so much to me and I love it. The engagement with blogging and the general community continues to amaze me with how supportive everyone is and how many others there are! 

Without further a do, I'll get into the post by telling you what you can win. I recently asked on Twitter what prizes you would like to see in the giveaway. You asked I listened! 

  1. NYX Professional Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette (£16) 
  2. Model's Own Rock 'N' Rosy Blush Palette in Pyxie Pink (£14.99)
  3. Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eye Shadow Palette (£5.99) 
  4. Garnier Moisture Bomb Soothing Face Mask (£2.99) 
  5. Garnier Moisture Bomb Re-Balancing Face Mask (£2.99) 
  6. Kiko Nail Varnish (£4) - £2
  7. I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Candy Queen of Hearts (£4.99)
  8. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes (£6) 
  9. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft Spoken (£7)
  10. A range of Clinique samples (£3)
(That's over £60 worth of beauty products!)

What do you have to do to enter you might ask? 
I've kept it super simple by using Rafflecopter as the host. Simply fill out the form below, follow me on some of my social medias (I'll follow back, yay!) and that's it! Pretty simple really!

*This giveaway is open to UK Residents only* 
(I'm really sorry but shipping costs are really expensive!) 

*This giveaway is open and accepting entries from Thursday 10th August until Wednesday 13th September*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone who enters, thank you so much! 

- Love Hanney


Thursday, 3 August 2017

My Birthday Wishlist | Lifestyle

Hello lovelies,

I can't quite believe that we're in August already! Exciting because it's almost autumn but at the same time super scary that we're so far through the year! However, in 9 days time, it's going to be my 21st birthday. I can't quite believe it, I don't wanna grow up! I feel like this is the year that means it's time to be an adult and do proper adult things, not sure I'm ready for that much responsibility just yet! 

As always, just before your birthday you always get asked what presents you would like and speak for myself my mind goes blank and I can never remember all the things I've been saying 'I would love that, I'm going to put that on my birthday list'. However this year I decided to make a list and gradually add to it, (oops, sorry mum!). I thought I would share that list with you today to maybe give you some ideas of what to put on your own list as well as ideas for presents to give friends and family! 

*Slight disclaimer* 
No way in a million years do I expect to receive all of these amazing gifts, it's simply just ideas!

Thank you for reading this short but sweet post I hope it's given you some ideas! Are any of these things on your wishlist?

- Hanney xo


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Range | Haul & Review

I am so excited to write this post, I could possibly explode with excitement. I can just about express how proud I feel right now of Zoe. Having followed and been part of Zoe's journey since her blogging days I've seen her grow and I'm in awe at how far she has come! Enough soppy appreciation for the moment while I take you on to explore and introduce you to the new exciting summer range, Jelly and Gelato.

Zoe chose an elderflower and double cream scent for this Summer collection and I think it's fair to say that it's going to be my Summer 2017 scent. I wasn't sure how the combination was going to smell but I can assure you that it is dreamy and makes you feel like you want to bathe in it (luckily you now can). I thought initially it smelt like a very light Turkish delight, fruity scent which I love! It's so clean and refreshing which is perfect for that Summery feeling, even if you're from the UK and it's raining outside (something has to remind you that it's actually Summer doesn't it!)

As soon as I saw the photos of the ice cream van parked up in Brighton Pavilion I already knew I was in love! I must hugely congratulate the Zoella Beauty creative team, they've worked so unbelievably hard and it definitely shows through the products. The retro pastel colour scheme and design of the packaging are incredible. Such a classy, eye-catching style, not to mention how aesthetically pleasing they're going to look in the bathroom. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to be on the PR list (a girl can dream) so I didn't receive an adorable mini Zoella Beauty deck chair, however, I decided to improvise and use a little cardboard ice cream van instead! 

What's in the collection?

There are 8 products in the collection, some have been featured in other collections such as Sweet Inspirations and some are new additions:
  1. Zoella Gelato Shower Sauce - £5.00
  2. Zoella Gelato Bath Wafers - £5.00
  3. Zoella Gelato Shower Shake - £6.00
  4. Zoella Gelato Bath Frosting - £7.00
  5. Zoella Gelato Cream Body Scrub - £8.00
  6. Zoella Gelat’Eau Body Mist - £8.00
  7. Zoella Gelato Body Pudding -  £8.00
  8. Zoella Gelato Beauty Clutch - £14.00

Where can I buy the collection?

One of my favourite things about this collection is that it was launched globally. The products are available to buy from:
  • Superdrug and Feel Unique in the UK
  • Rossman in Germany
  • London Drugs in Canada
  • Ultra Beauty in USA
  • Vita in Norway
  • Target in Australia
  • Independent Pharmacies in Ireland 

I placed an order as soon as I could! (I was too excited to wait for them to hit stores, oops!) I chose to initially buy 4 products as I felt I would make the most use out of these ones! The others have made their way onto my birthday wishlist *hint hint*

First up, Shower Shake. Look at this packaging, it looks like a fricken milkshake, it's even got the straw. Every little detail has been thought about! Even if I didn't intend to use this, I would have totally just bought it for the packaging and that's 100% okay! Shower Shake promises to not only cleanse skin but to moisturise it as well. Leaving your skin feeling smoother and appearing brighter.

Secondly, Shower Sauce. It looks and smells like a delicious sauce for your ice cream of dreams (please don't eat it although it smells that good). This is a body wash that lathers up and leaves your skin feeling super soft. If you love yummy shower gels then this is definitely for you.

Thirdly, Bath Frosting Milk Powder. This is a completely new product for me, in fact, I'd never heard of this before however, I am now so glad I have discovered this! This is what you call a luxury bath. I can just tell this will be the perfect partner for a luxury pamper night. Within this gorgeous tin you receive 3 sachets, simply empty the contents into your bath under warm water, swirl around and relax! Thank you, Zoe, for bringing something out that we can fully bathe it!

Lastly, but by no means least, Pink Bath Wafers. Once again, these look like actual ice cream wafers. These make such a quick and simple yummy bath with all the same relaxing qualities leaving your skin super soft and feeling moisturised.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed it. I'd love to know your thoughts on this collection. Have you bought any of the products? What's your favourite?

- Hanney xo


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