Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Experience | Day In The Life

Photo credit to Amy Leighton (stood right next to me at the concert!)

Right now I would most definitely say I'm suffering from PCD (Post-concert depression). Monday night I got the chance to see Justin Bieber live for the first time on his Purpose world tour. I'd probably go as far as saying it was one of the best nights of my life. It feels like an absolute dream to have gone, I just wish I could go back to that night over and over again. It was truly amazing.

Thousands of phone screens! Photo credit to Amy Leighton
I have supported Justin for about 8 years (had to work that out with counting on my fingers and counting back the years!) and I am just so overwhelmed that I finally got to see him live and perform. It was everything that I had been hoping for and more. It was such a special time for me and I don't think I'll ever forget that night. It means so much to me, not sure how much my friends really think it does!

Proud that I managed to take this, even if it is zoomed slightly!
We queued for around 4 hours for standing, it was so worth it! The best part was watching the queue get bigger and bigger! Although not so great when some people queue jumped and broke down the barriers, so unfair on us and other people who had been waiting in line for so much longer! Once we got inside we had a perfectly good view of the stage. Unfortunately, I'm a little short so spent most of the night on my tiptoes and looking through phone screens!

Big screens are the best thing ever!
I was so unbelievably happy when I managed to get tickets last year, even then I don't think it ever really sunk in that I was going to see him perform! He really does put on an amazing show, as for singing live, truly out of this world. Of course acoustics of him and his guitar are always my favourite as that's where it all began. I have to say I was really upset to see how tired and exhausted he looked. It really took me back to the days of the Believe tour when we were all tweeting him to take some time out and have some rest. I can't imagine how hard and stressful it must be to be touring and performing all the time being so far from home and missing family like that. You've got to give him so much credit for that.

The dancers were absolutely amazing, they performance was out of this world! Photo credit to Amy Leighton
An ultimate favourite of mine has got to be when he did a good old throwback of "Who wants to be my baby?" with the classic Justin smirk! I can safely say I felt myself die inside with excitement. Being the happiest I've been in quite a while! I'm out of words really to explain it other than repeating myself with amazing and unbelievable!

The Bieber Squad 
Overall it was one the best experiences of my life and I would do anything to be there again. I can't wait for the next tour! Thank you, Justin, for all that you've done.

Have you been to any concerts recently, what's been your favourite?

- Hanney xo

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