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5 Must Have Autumnal Lipsticks - L-R: MAC Media, MAC Amorous, NYX 565, NYX Liquid Suede - Soft Spoken, Gerard Cosmetics - 1995
Burgundy is my favourite colour ever. I am so glad it's now Autumn because I feel like it is totally acceptable to wear burgundy almost every day and not get judged for it. I am a huge lover of pink lipsticks although at this time of the year I definitely prefer to wear some darker colours on my lips. I've rounded up my top 5 lipsticks for Autumn and the ones I'll probably be wearing the most!

L-R: MAC Media, MAC Amorous, NYX 565
I've been in this crazy hype of liquid lipsticks for so long that I almost forgot what it was like wearing a normal lipstick again! I was definitely pleasantly surprised and soon reminded about how nice on the lips these feel. I purchased MAC Media (£15.50) last year, I wrote a blog post about it here. It's a gorgeous dark plum (reddish/purple) colour although I felt it was almost too dark to wear a lot of the time so I pushed it aside, however, I'm determined to be brave and wear it a lot more this year! My second lipstick is MAC Amorous (£15.50) which was actually a present from my mum and I'd completely forgotten about it! The photo above does make it look slightly pinker than it is, it's more of a cranberry pink colour which I'm loving at the moment. My third lipstick is a recent purchase of mine, NYX 565 (£4.00) looking on the website I managed to pick up the only lipstick in the range without a name, just a number! It's possibly one of the most moisturising lipsticks that I've ever owned! It's unbelievably creamy which makes it a dream to apply. I would call this colour a muted berry with brown undertones. 

Front-Back: NYX Liquid Suede - Soft Spoken, Gerard Cosmetics - 1995
Of course! You didn't think I'd let you get to the end of this post without including 2 liquid lipsticks, did you?! These are two of my favourites which I've most definitely been reaching for the most. NYX Liquid Suedes are just amazing! I wrote another post about them here. So moisturising and comfortable to wear. It's described as a 'mauve nude' but I can definitely see some berry/burgundy tones in there! Next is basically a dupe! If you've read my Beauty Bay post here you'll know how much I have been loving the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks! They're by far my favourite liquid lipsticks to wear and now I have found 1995 its the perfect shade for this time of year.

I've included two swatch photos as I thought it shows the colours off to their best. Also because I swatched them on my hand when I was deciding on colours and took this shot which I was surprisingly pleased with! Maybe the colours don't look as similar as I expected them too when putting altogether although I feel they are perfect for this time of the year. All of these colours are so buildable allowing you to make them a lot darker or a lot lighter depending on how much you decide to apply. 

Have you got any lipstick shades you'll be wearing over and over again during Autumn?

- Love Hanney 


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