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My weakness is anything white, grey, rose gold and marble so these brushes fitted the criteria ever so well! I am so in love with the look of them, simply irresistible! I had been planning to buy some new brushes for a while, preferably a collection that all matched rather than my fairly odd mix and match brushes at the moment! After looking through countless blog reviews to see what brushes are the most useful and worth the money I came across lots of posts about Spectrum Collection Brushes, a brand that if honestly, I'd slightly forgotten about since I first discovered them. They're mostly known for 'the most instagramable brushes' and their high-quality affordable brushes. I soon fell in love with the Marbleous collection and soon decided to bite the bullet and order them. You receive 10% off your first order when you sign up to their email newsletters which I definitely recommend doing if you're thinking of making a purchase. 

I ordered the 'Marbleous 12 piece set' which comes with 4 face brushes and 8 best-selling eye, brow & lip brushes. I've listed the names of brushes below and what (I think) they do:

A00 - Luxe Powder
A05 - Precision Blush
C02 - Flat Top Contour
C07 - Luxe Tapered Sculptor

Eyes, Brows & Lips
A07 - Stubby Shader
A08 - Medium Fluffy Shader
A12 - Fluffy Pencil
A13 - Short Smudge
A14 - Brow Definer
A15 - Lip Definer
B04 - Small Angled Shader
B06 - Tall Tapered Blender

I won't necessarily use them for the same purpose, I'll see what brushes work best for although it's nice to have as a reference! This set is such a good deal and does everything I wanted. Not to mention they are the softest brushes I have ever felt, everyone I've shown them to has had to have a feel! So far the overall quality of them feels super sturdy, very durable and I feel these will last a lifetime. Not only are they affordable and of such high quality, they're also vegan and cruelty-free. I'm super excited to start using these however I am scared of losing that gorgeous clean white look! 

These brushes are available from both Spectrum Collections and Beauty Bay however not all sets are available on the Beauty Bay website.

What do you think of these brushes, have you ever bought anything from Spectrum Collection?

- Love Hanney xo

[Disclaimer* I cheated a little with these photos because they're actually supposed to be used for my photography summer work portfolio however I was so pleased with them I thought why not use them for my blog as well!]


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