Looking back on Summer 2016 | Day In The Life

With my 2nd year of uni approaching soon I'm feeling content looking back over Summer '16 as it comes to an end and we look forward to the Autumn/Winter months. I thought what a nice way to finish my summer with a reflection and overview. I've managed to narrow it down to 10 of my favourite and most memorable events. I hope you also find it interesting to read!
1. Saying goodbye to halls
At the end of June, it was time to move out of my halls room and move back home for the summer. It was super sad to say goodbye to such a lovely room which was my home for a year! But moving forward its so exciting to be moving into my new house on Saturday eeeekk!

2. Pizza nights in Bristol with Amy
Pizza nights are something which me and my best friend Amy are ever so familiar with! With usually being Domino's #1 customer we switched it up a little and took a trip to Pizza Hut and ordered one of the nicest pizzas I've ever tasted!
3. Great food with even better company
Back at it again with the food! I can now officially say that I've been to Five Guys and I loved every mouthful. Best. Burger. Ever. Hands down wins that award. So instagramable as well, how could you not with the beautiful white and red check interior and design!
4. Family caravan holiday to Weymouth
Myself and Karl (my boyfriend) took a lovely caravan trip to Weymouth with my family for the week and it was full of beach walks and late nights in the amusements. I loved every moment of it and can't wait for next year! 10 points to Karl for choosing our beach towels!

5. Uni work with Amy
Despite it being summer, uni work still happens to be very much at the top of my to-do list. With Amy specialising in interior photography I get to be the helpful assistant and go to loads of showrooms. There I am picking out my dream house and already deciding what I would put where definitely the fun side of being an assistant! Not to mention taking as much advantage of the great lighting for selfies!

6. Costa dates with Amy
Costa is another one of those weekly things which I've hugely been missing! With Amy coming down to visit me in Bristol it wouldn't be right without a trip to Costa to enjoy our favourite summery drinks. It's always great to have a good old catch up.

7. Hot weather days
When the weather has been hot and summery it has definitely been boiling sweating weather hasn't it! Luckily enough I got to spend one of these days enjoying the sun with Amy with a walk along the harbour-side, picnic and sunbathe in the park and walk down a zig-zag path which we had no idea where it was going! Fun to walk down definitely not so great to have to walk all the way back up on the hottest day of the year! 

8. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta
The balloon fiesta is one of my all-time favourite things to do in the summer every year. This year I was lucky enough to go with two of my favourite people, my best friend and my boyfriend. We went for the night glow on Thursday, I love the atmosphere and the wow factor looking at all the balloons light up in time to the music. Roller coaster rides really aren't my thing so I compromised and went on a spinny spinning thing (only way to describe it accurately of course) and by the end of it, we were cry/laughing, so much fun!
9. My Birthday!
I don't really want to believe it that I'm 20 already. Totally not ready to be considered an actual adult yet! I spent it with my two favourite people again and they made sure I had such a lovely day filled with heaps of laughter and smiles. We had a great day doing some adventure golf, something I'm not too familiar with but such great fun, hugely recommend!

10. Family holiday at the caravan in Paignton
This time with Karl's family. It was so much fun! I went out on a fishing boat for the first time and between us, we caught 87 mackerel and oh my I'm so proud! Beautiful views and great to take some time away and spend it by the water.

And that brings my blog post to an end. Not really wanting summer to end although I'm super excited for 2nd year at uni and seeing what the future brings. What's been one of your favourite memories this summer?

- Love always, Hanney xo


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