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Having an 'aesthetically pleasing' Instagram theme is something which I've definitely floated in and out of throughout the years. I'm still undecided whether I prefer perfectly square photos or a mix match. One thing which I have mostly kept the same is how I edit my photos. I thought today I would share what apps I use and the process.

For an example, I'm going to show the before and after photos and screenshot the process:
I use the VSCO Cam App, I absolutely swear by it. I've used it for such a long time, it does everything that I need it too. Definitely one of my holy grail apps! My aim isn't to change the image, just simply improve it slightly. I have chosen not to make too many changes as I like to keep my photos looking as natural as possible with a few alterations and enhancements.

The first thing I start with is choosing a filter, I usually choose F2/Mellow, just because I love the green undertones with a slightly faded effect. I bring it down a little, though just so I can add some of my own changes too. Next, I slightly up the contrast on the photo, some others often need a little more. I play around with it a little and see what looks best.

Next, I alter the exposure, again I only slightly do this and play around with it. I don't want my photos to look overexposed or washed out. I then up the saturation levels a little, this is because I really want to bring the colours out and make it a little more vibrant. It's important not to overdo the saturation otherwise the colours can look really unrealistic and ruin the photo.

I alter the level of sharpness of the photo, in a photo such as above where there is quite a bit of detail I like to bring that out and make it the focal point. The sharpen tool helps to do this very well. However, if this is overdone and brought up to much the photo can start to appear quite grainy. Finally, I add a slight vignette to the photo. This adds a little darkness to the corners of the photo, making the focal point draw you to the middle. This effect doesn't work for every photo so is again one to definitely play around with.

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I hope you found this interesting and perhaps helpful! I'm always interested in how people get certain effects and filters on their Instagram photos. What is your go-to app for editing photos for Instagram?

- Love Hanney xo

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