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This week's blog post is something a little different but as I was scrolling through Bloglovin' the other day I realised how many people create these posts and how interesting I find them myself and whilst my blog prepares for many more photo make overs what a great way to upload an in the middle post!

Looking over this wishlist its clear to see that I've been loving eyeshadows and palettes at the moment. I've recently spent many hours on the Beauty Bay website and reading so many swatch reviews for Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I feel its coming to the point now where I definitely need to place an order! 

One of the most beautiful highlighter palettes at the moment, the swatches look even more beautiful. I don't currently own any of the ABH Glow Kits but I'm hoping this one will be mine very soon! I fell even more in love with this palette after watching Shaaanxo's opal tutorial. I'll leave the link here if you haven't yet seen it. 

I've heard a lot about this and had high expectations when I recently saw it featured on QVC, the on air tutorial made it look flawless and amazing however I was unsure whether it was an impulse buy or whether I would actually thank myself in the long run for buying it. In the September issue of Elle Magazine (out now) they are giving away free samples of the product so I'm looking forward to trying it first before making the splurge.

I've always hugely been a fan of Zoeva palettes and this one just looks as beautiful, the colours look so everyday wearable and are definitely similar to a lot of the colours I've found myself reaching for lately.

I am hugely obsessed with the Tarte brand as a whole right now. I could've made this whole wishlist just consisting of Tarte! I've been following the brand on snapchat; tartecosmetics where you get to see daily tutorials, sneak peaks of products and discount codes! I have really found myself wanting this limited edition palette however with the shipping and tax fee as high as it is I can see it being on my wishlist for quite a bit longer sadly!

Having seen this regularly used on snapchat I've fallen in love with this little skincare product. It seems so simple to use with such great results using it as an exfoliator and/or a treatment mask. However it is definitely on the higher end of the scale for what I would pay for a cleanser. 

I've really been loving the matte liquid lipsticks hype at the moment and almost getting my hands on whatever ones that I can! However the Sleek range are ones I haven't yet tried but have had really great reviews so I'll definitely be looking out for some swatches of which ones I should choose. They're just so affordable as well, I can see myself building quite a collection if I like them! 

I haven't heard as much about these however as soon I saw them on the Beauty Bay email I knew I wanted them. The packaging and the colours look so beautiful however I have been struggling with the swatches as I feel they look different in the bottles so a little more research is needed before a final order!

A makeup setting spray is something which I have never yet tried (eeeekk!) However I am hoping that this is the year for change! I've seen some great reviews about UD although I am debating whether it is still worth the splurge.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what is on my current wishlist, please let me know in the comments if you've tried, tested or got anything on my list and what your experience was of it!

- Love Hanney xo


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