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Sort of strange blog post however I feel it is very much needed, not just for readers but for myself as well. The last time I posted a blog post was back in April which doesn't seem too long ago however it definitely isn't a regular kind of blog with at least 2 posts a month. Taking time out of blogging wasn't something I initially thought about however the amount of work at University work I had to complete was absolutely crazy and unfortunately my health really suffered from this. Possibly in a few years time I'll make a post in a lot more detail however now is definitely a fragile time to speak about my current and previous experience of it first hand. Moving forward one of the most important things is to put myself first and really change my routine and make small changes to my lifestyle. Going back to basics and looking at what I really enjoy and how I spend my time. I have chosen to focus my photographic career on my passions and interests (absolutely vital decision for any photographer!) Of course mine being beauty and lifestyle related I have chosen product cosmetic beauty photography which works alongside my blog very well! Meaning I should be able to successfully schedule both which explains why I haven't flooded my blog with posts about my recent purchases and what I've been loving. I want my blog moving forward to have a theme and be consistent with regular posts which means a lot of planning ahead which I am more than prepared to do! I want to bring the fun and enjoyment back for myself in blogging so it starts here. You will start to see a new theme appearing (thank god the dotted background is going!) which is exciting and a new experience! A slow process but I am determined to get there! In the meantime, hold tight! New exciting posts will be coming soon! 

Thank you to all my existing followers for support and patiently waiting for a new post (whether you've noticed my time away or not!) I'm so excited to get back into it and spend much more time in the wonderful world of the blogging community! Also thank you and how exciting that I've reached now reached 500 followers! Thank you! 

Hope all is well, love Hanney xo

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