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Products featured above; Marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel, Soap and Glory Mist You Madly, Soap and Glory Endless Glove, Invisibobble, Nivea Express Hydration Primer.
Here is a very delayed March, April and May favourites post! Better late than never aye! I have slowly been collecting things together and then realised its the 10th day into the month and a little late for what I wanted a favourites post to be! I'd thought I'd share what I've been loving and what I'd definitely recommend!

Treaclemoon Marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel
This smells insane. Honestly, I can't even begin to explain how magical this smells. It's so sweet and luxurious, not forgetting ever so soft. It's very addictive and hard to use a small amount at a time! It's just one of my favourite shower gels from Treaclemoon's collection. If you ever happen to be going past any of these in their range in a shop, just lift the lid and give it a little sniff, its amazing!

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly
This my friends is (another) magical beauty! I have definitely been through my fair share of testing and trying body sprays however I recently discovered something called a body mist (not sure on the difference if i'm honest, oops!) I first discovered body mists by Zoe bringing out her 'Blissful Mistful' which I must say is fabulous itself however it was getting a little heavy to carry around in my handbag all day (seeing as its in a glass container!) I then one day happened to be sat behind someone on the bus who sprayed a very large amount of this beauty! I was very over-fumed by it as first but then discovered how wonderful it really was! After a little chat and getting all the details I found it was by Soap and Glory. I myself have never really bought any products by Soap and Glory but now I totally see the light and understand the fascination! It is described as 'A flirty floral fragrant body spray' and I would totally agree! I am sadly at least 3/4 of the way through the bottle although I will most definitely be making a trip to Boots very soon especially to buy it!

Soap and Glory Endless Glove
Here we have another amazing product from Soap and Glory which I have recently discovered! (when I say recently I mean back in December!) This has honestly been a god send to me. In the winter months I struggle and suffer with really rough cold feeling hands and always need to keep moisturising them however much like sun tan lotion I have a strong hate for the oily/greasy after feeling they always leave behind meaning you can't pick anything up for a good 30 minutes after use. This hand cream however is completely different, it has a gorgeously fragranced smell when you apply it and it miraculously doesn't leave your hands feeling oily or greasy, it just makes them feel unbelievably smooth. I have no idea how it does it but its amazing and definitely saved my hands through the winter as well as maintaining the quality of softness through the spring months.

Nivea Daily Essentials: Express Hydration Primer
I was having a look around Boots as part of a 3for2 shop when I saw this Nivea Express Hydration Primer. At the start of the year one of my beauty product goals was to start using a primer on my skin before applying my make-up so when I saw it I definitely thought I'd give it a go. I've now been using this product almost everyday before I apply my make-up instead of using a moisturiser and I really like it and once again love the feeling it leaves on my skin after. As a primer wise, I have nothing to compare it to so I can't really say whether it majorly makes a difference in the day however I would say that it definitely helps the majority of my make-up stay on for longer than it used to before, its often more noticeable when I have used a facial scrub and a proper face wash routine the night or morning before. 

Invisibobble 'the traceless hair ring'
First things first, this is one of the most difficult products to photograph as its practically invisible on my camera so I had great trouble trying to focus this one! Anyway, I have a feeling this is a product which is become quite popular as I'm seeing more people wearing and using them. It's basically an invisible looking hair band which is good for your hair as it isn't tight, very relaxing and gentle on your hair instead. At first it can be a pain to get used too, especially if you're someone who likes to wear their hair quite tight however after a week or so I found I got used to it and really liked it, I carry mine everywhere on my wrist (almost like a bracelet) they're so easy and convenient and comfortable to pop your hair up whenever needed. You can also buy them online in different colours, to match your hair colour or to stand out.

I hope you enjoyed this little (actually quite long) read of my current favourites. Fingers crossed I'll have some more favourites by the end of June for a June favourites post however I won't guarantee that one!

- Hanney ♡ xo

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