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Well this is all very exiting! Today's post is something slightly different to what you would normally expect to see on my blog however it is something which I am excited about and would love to share with everyone!

Whilst on my Art & Design Foundation Diploma I got the chance to experiment with screen printing my photographic images onto fabric making a large calico textile piece. My textile piece consists of a repeated image of rocks which I took at Kilve Beach. (I also made a blog post about this day and you can find that here). The theme of these textile pieces was black and white repeated patterns. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the outcome of mine! In total 14 students at my college made textile pieces which are now on display in a exhibition open to the public. (I will leave all links below of how to access the website, where it is etc).

This is my calico monochrome repeated pattern textile piece.
All these textile pieces are for sale for £40 each.

These scarfs are made from silk and are for sale at £95 each.

Room with a View
"An exhibition of printed textiles made by students from Art Foundation at SGS College. Working on long drops of unbleached calico, each student has used monochrome screen printing processes to explore individual themes."

The gallery is open for public viewing from Saturday 16th May - Sunday 14th June 2015 10am - 4pm (Admission free)

Address of the exhibition: 
Rusken Mill
Old Bristol Road

You can visit the website for more information here

- Hanney  xo

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