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Today's post is very short, sweet and simple! I'm currently in the middle of completing my Final Major Project for my college course and have chosen to focus on Fashion Photography. Which I am very excited about! But as always, thinking of new original ideas can always be a task however I love creating moodboards, mindmaps, you name it any form or jotting down ideas and thoughts for new projects or blog posts even. I've been looking for a website where I can post a load of images and link everything together (an online moodboard, basically) very much like Pinterest. That's when I found a website called 'GoMoodboard' which has been very useful to me! Above is a GIF of screenshots which I created showing a snippet of my visual moodboard. You can view it online and live here.

It then got me thinking and interested, how do other people plan blog posts? Lists? Mind maps? Journals? I'd love to know and hear your ideas in the comments.

Love always,  Hanney 

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