College trip to Kilve Beach | Day In The Life ♡

Of course, a selfie must always be taken somewhere which you enjoy!
Not such a bright and sunny day that I would've hoped for but lovely views!
 There are so many wonderful textures on pebbles and rocks
I was amazed at the beautiful colours of the pebbles, this picture doesn't do justice!
We found a fossil in the rocks (unfortunately you aren't allowed to take them home, which was quite good on this occasion as this one was rather large and in the ground!)
 Don't mind me getting arty with my camera angles ;)
This is one of my tutors, Simon; eating his ham sandwiches on the rocks!
This is my lovely group of friends which I was able to explore the beach with! Yay! Our 10 second self timer photo worked very well! 
My "they don't call me a blogger for nothing" photo
Cream then Jam or Jam then Cream?

On the 19th March I went on a lovely (very short) road trip to Kilve Beach with a small group from my college. The aim was to collect photographs and sketches however I am really not the greatest person when it comes to drawing and sketches so I left that up to the artists of the group and kept my camera firmly in my hands for the beautiful pebbly beach scenery! Kilve Beach is located in Somerset and is somewhere which I have never been before however I can now guarantee that it is somewhere where I will most definitely been returning again! We did all complain about the coldness of the sea air when we stepped only one foot out of the minibus and all instantly regretted not wearing more layers. I think we definitely underestimated the tutors advice of 'bring extra layers, it will be very cold'. None the less, we all soon warmed up as soon as we saw the wonderful views and the sight of a big adventure ahead of us. We all separated our own ways (hoping not to get lost) and went in search of fossils. To our success we actually managed to find quite a few, I found it ever so fascinating and interesting. The day was finished very nicely by finding a lovely Afternoon Tea Cafe (oh so British!). Of course, we all chose to have a pot of tea and scones with cream and jam and very lovely they were too!

- Hanney xo

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