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Products featured above: Zoella Beauty; Make-Up Bag, Soak Opera & Blissful Mistful.

Zoe Sugg also most commonly known as 'Zoella' is a 25 year old Blogger and YouTuber from Brighton. With a huge following of over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. In September 2014 Zoe released her very own beauty range called 'Zoella Beauty' all products are sold both in-store and online in places such as Superdrug and Feel Unique.

To say that I am unbelievably proud is a complete understatement of how I feel about Zoe's success! I was travelling on the bus the other day when I noticed one of Zoe's make-up bags in someone else's bag and I have to admit I did let out a little squeal of happiness as it was a very proud moment and a very big smile appeared on my face! It's so great that she's getting the recognition, love and support which she 110% deserves, she really does put in so much work and effort into absolutely everything that she does.

On to the beauty review!
Of course, as a huge long-time follower of Zoe myself I was itching to get down to my local Superdrug to pick up some of Zoe's products! They all looked so much more beautiful on the self than I imagined them to be! One of my favourite things about this range is the unbelievable affordable price range of products. I chose to buy the Guinea Pig Make-Up Bag, the bath soak & shower cream; Soak Opera and the fragranced body mist; Blissful Mistful. I have to admit it has taken me a little while to start using them as I didn't want them to ever go down or ruin the beautifully designed packaging however I am so so glad that I did because my oh my, Zoe has done a fantastic job! Blissful Mistful is probably one of my favourite products to ever exist, the smell is so gorgeous, light, fruity and fresh (how do you possibly explain a smell accurately?!) I am forever getting compliments of how lovely it smells whenever I spray it (which is very often in college!). The Pink Spotty Guinea Pig Make-Up Bag is larger than I thought it was going to be however that is not in the slightest bit a problem because as it turned out, I carry a lot more make-up round with me than I thought and it is now the perfect size, win win! Next up, Soak Opera! What a gorgeous smell this one is fragranced with as well. I've only used it as a shower gel/cream although I can just imagine how heavenly it would be to use when having a nice long soak in the bath. I am very much looking forward to purchasing some more products from Zoella Beauty range and can't wait for what the future holds and has in store for Zoe.

- Hanney 

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