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Products featured above: Simple; Cleansing Facial Wipes, Smoothing Facial Scrub, Replenishing Rich Moisturiser & Eye Make-Up Remover.

Today's blog post features 4 of my most loved go-to Simple Skincare products. Facial Wipes are always an essential for me, part of my everyday make-up routine when foundation isn't applying as nicely as I would like or for those mornings when I've fallen asleep with my make-up on the night before and have to wipe the remains off the following morning! Secondly, the Simple Skincare 'Facial Scrub' has newly become one of my favourite things to use in my weekly skincare routine! I have absolutely fallen in love with the way in leaves my skin after use, it honestly feels so unbelievably soft, moisturised and hydrated which is what I need the most as I have quite dry skin. I definitely feel like I have benefited since I have been using the product. I simply apply it once a week to my slightly damp face (usually just after a shower) and use a small amount and then massage into my face and simply wash off! Ta-dah! Silky smooth skin results! After application of the facial scrub I find using the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser just finishes off my skincare routine perfectly by hydrating my skin and locking in all moisture. However first impressions of using the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser wasn't the greatest as I didn't like the feel when applying it to my face it very much reminded me of putting on sun tan lotion and I hate the sticky feeling it leaves on your face! However I persevered and then happened to apply it after the facial scrub and felt like I'd created a skin miracle! I definitely do agree with companies when they say you should use their products together! Lastly, the Eye Make-Up Remover which I have previously featured in a blog post here

- Hanney ♡

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