MAC Media Lipstick | Review ♡

Product featured above: MAC Satin Lipstick in the shade 'Media'. If you would like to see an image of myself wearing the lipstick (selfie) follow this link here.

I recently purchased something that I would call a 'brave beauty buy'. I have always wanted a fall/autumnal coloured lipstick however never felt that I could pull this colour off with such a pale face. However October/November 2014 I decided to be very brave and just go for it! After spending a good hour testing almost all the dark purple/berry shades of lipsticks on the back of my hand, I chose the MAC Satin Media colour. The colour description by MAC is 'Intense reddish-purple'. 

I also bought a lip liner in the shade 'Vino' and oh my goodness I can't express how much easier it is to apply when using a liner, it makes it so much easier, almost like colouring in between the lines with your lipstick. (such a blatant explanation!). My favourite thing about this lipstick is the long-lasting staying power, I have honestly never experienced a lipstick which has lasted so long on my lips even through all the eating within the day! Another simple thing which I really like is how easy it is to make the shade a little lighter and a little more subtle and to do that all I do is apply a layer of lip balm before applying my lipstick and throughout the day applying lip balm on top of my lips to keep them moisturised and ta-da! a gorgeous autumnal lipstick colour. I almost can't wait for it to be winter time again next year so I can wear it again and a lot more often!

- Hanney ♡

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