Monday, 7 December 2015

Cheltenham Christmas Markets | A Day In The Life ♡

Everything is just so colourful and beautiful at Christmas!
The choice is always between, cookies or crepes, it's a must.
I can never resist the smell of fresh donuts! Definitely persuaded my
friends into buying them!

Hello everyone, 

It's been a little while now hasn't it! What a manic and unbelievable past few months it has really been. I would never have ever imagined my life to be so busy, hectic and sociable! Even now, struggling to keep up with such a heavy work load. Although yesterday myself, my boyfriend and a few friends decided to take a little break from the uni work and take a look round Cheltenham's Christmas Markets. Despite being very small, they are very cute and ever so lovely! There's always something for everyone whether its a Christmas gift or food. It's such a lovely way of sharing and lifting the Christmas spirit. I miss the christmas markets back at home and can't wait to go! The smell of fresh donuts really does make everything so much nicer and I can't think of anything better than the gorgeous christmas lights! 

What things do you like to do with family and friends on the lead up to Christmas during December?

- Hanney xo


Thursday, 10 September 2015

The NEW heavenly box full of bath time treats you won't want to miss out on!

Yes, these are adorable felt fruit stickers!

What's inside the box?

BubbleOff - Snooti Tooti Soap (Grapefruit)

Lots of Love Always (LOLA's) Strawberry Bath Cream

Twa Burds - Lime and Ginger Epsom Salts Bath Soak

Pio Soaps - Banana Face Mask

Pio Soaps - Black Raspberry & Peppercorn Tin Candle

Hello everyone!

Today's blog post is something which I'm very excited to share with everyone. This is a promotional blog post as well as an honest review of all products. All opinions are as always, my own.

A few weeks ago I discovered a new up and coming company called 'Love of Bubbles' which instantly caught my attention. From being a huge lover of self indulgence, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to find out more. I was ever so kindly sent Septembers' box of treats for the launch of Love of Bubbles. As a newcomer to subscription boxes I thought this would be ideal to try.

About the boxes:
One of the great things and what makes this company unique is that there isn't a monthly rolling subscription fee. You can pick and choose which boxes you want, almost like a pay as you go service. Each month there is a brand new theme, this month's theme is 'Tooty Fruity'. Each product is hand picked and tailored to suit the theme of the month. The contents of each box will feature 5-7 full sized products. Yes I really did say full size! All products featured in the boxes are vegan friendly which I think is a very important factor when buying health and beauty cosmetics.  The variety of bath products include; bath bombs, bubbles, fizzers, soaps, face masks, and candles! Always a lovely surprise in the post as you never know exactly what you're going to get.

Review of Septembers' Tooty Fruity box:

In this months box I received:
- BubbleOff - Snooti Tooti Soap (Grapefruit) 
I was unsure of trying a new soap as I have my current favourites and sometimes don't like being brave with new products however with the grapefruit scent and the pretty green and pink colour pattern I found myself wanting to test this product first. I found it was very soft to the skin and lathers well with lots of soapy bubbles. It did leave my hands with a slightly squeaky finish however they were ever so soft afterwards which was unexpected!

- Lots of Love Always (LOLA's) Strawberry Bath Cream
I had no idea what a bath cream was before using this one but oh my, I think I'm in love! A bath bomb mixed with a bath cream! As the bath bomb fizzes it turns into a super soft gorgeous strawberry cream. Not to mention how gorgeous the packaging for this little product was, almost good enough to eat! The only down side is the product is oil based so you find yourself slipping in the bath a little!

- Twa Burds - Lime and Ginger Epsom Salts Bath Soak
Firstly, I really hope someone appreciates my creative skills of making the pink and white streamers look like a birds nest (hence the name of the company). Thank you for scrolling back up. Secondly, I really liked the combination of Lime and Ginger. I really like bath salts because they are just like sprinkles of fairy dust for your bath.

- Pio Soaps - Banana Face Masks 
Unfortunately this product really wasn't for me. Banana is one of the only fruits I dislike. (I ate far too many as a child!) However, I did give it a go! I was very impressed with the options of how to make the mask for example, mixing the powder with water, milk, yoghurt, aloe vera juice or fruit juice. I made a mistake with adding too much water which made mine runny however I did manage to use some on the back of my hand (not how you're supposed to do it, I know). Nevertheless, my hand did feel very soft afterwards!

- Pio Soaps - Black Raspberry & Peppercorn Tin Candle
This is by far my FAVOURITE product! I have never been someone who uses candles, I'm much more of a candle hoarder where I buy them because they smell nice but never actually use them. (More because I'm too scared of the lighter) Thanks to my boyfriend being on hand and his assistance I was able to light this candle and I am so glad that I did! The smell is amazing. I am obsessed. It's such a gorgeous subtle smell. So far I have let the candle burn for around 2 and half hours and I have more than half left! Well chuffed with that. From the above photo you can see that I went all out and lit some vanilla tealight candles around the edge of the bath which I also strongly recommend as it made a perfect combination.

I absolutely love the idea of having a monthly subscription box of heavenly bath products for only £18.50. If you're debating about buying the box I've made a little summary of my post reminding you of the advantages and benefits;
- You receive full size products, no small testers!
- Postage is included in the price you pay
- Always a surprise, you never know what you're going to get
- Vegan friendly products
- Each month is a new theme
- No rolling subscription fee
- Adorable packaging such as fruit washi tape, felt stickers and pretty pink streamers!
- Launch of a brand new company
- The lovely Ellie behind the company!

Contact info and where to buy:


Thank you very much for reading this super duper long blog post! 

- Hanney xo


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

MAC Chatterbox Lipstick | Review

Product featured above: MAC Chatterbox Lipstick - Amplified Creme
This was another one of my 'brave beauty buys' as I wasn't sure how pink the lipstick was going to be once wearing it. I wasn't 100% confident that it might or might not suit me, however once seeing it on, I have fallen in love with it! I think it is absolutely gorgeous and it surprisingly does suit me quite well, in fact I've even had a few compliments! I love the shade an incredible amount and even better, I don't always have to apply a lip liner as well. As always, I'm super impressed with the long lasting stay as its great for a long shift at work not having to worry about re-applying or topping my lipstick up. I love the fact I can brighten up my usual make-up look with a pop of pink colour for a nice change. Definitely on my favourites and purchase again list!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick that you would recommend and purchase again?

- Hanney ♡ xo


Monday, 3 August 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume | Review

Product featured above: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 100ml

I am in love. I first fell in love with this perfume whilst walking through duty free in Sydney airport. I remember it being a fairly new product and being advertised everywhere. (About Feb 2014 I think?) As soon as I tested it I loved the smell. For some mad reason I didn't buy it there and then, heaven knows why! But after a very long and much wanted wait, I was very kindly brought back this amazing perfume from my boyfriends holiday. 

To start with the packaging, even the outside box is beautiful and ever so sleek and simple however the bottle is something else completely. Although being made of glass and ever so heavy to carry around in your handbag, its covered in gorgeous daisies in various sizes. I'm starting to stress about how to explain the fragrance without using the words gorgeous, addictive and yummy! (I've genuinely put off this blog posts for a good few months). I'm gonna give it a go a describing it anyway! I feel that it has a very light, dreamy like scent being both a fruity and floral fragrance with so much elegance. 

Although I would love this as an everyday perfume I feel that there is something very special about the scent and I'm in that stage of wanting to keep it forever so I'm slowly using it on occasions where I feel it is most needed!

Have you tried this perfume or one from the Marc Jacobs range? What did you think of it?

- Hanney ♡ xo


Friday, 5 June 2015

What I've been loving through March, April and May | Favourites ♡

Products featured above; Marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel, Soap and Glory Mist You Madly, Soap and Glory Endless Glove, Invisibobble, Nivea Express Hydration Primer.
Here is a very delayed March, April and May favourites post! Better late than never aye! I have slowly been collecting things together and then realised its the 10th day into the month and a little late for what I wanted a favourites post to be! I'd thought I'd share what I've been loving and what I'd definitely recommend!

Treaclemoon Marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel
This smells insane. Honestly, I can't even begin to explain how magical this smells. It's so sweet and luxurious, not forgetting ever so soft. It's very addictive and hard to use a small amount at a time! It's just one of my favourite shower gels from Treaclemoon's collection. If you ever happen to be going past any of these in their range in a shop, just lift the lid and give it a little sniff, its amazing!

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly
This my friends is (another) magical beauty! I have definitely been through my fair share of testing and trying body sprays however I recently discovered something called a body mist (not sure on the difference if i'm honest, oops!) I first discovered body mists by Zoe bringing out her 'Blissful Mistful' which I must say is fabulous itself however it was getting a little heavy to carry around in my handbag all day (seeing as its in a glass container!) I then one day happened to be sat behind someone on the bus who sprayed a very large amount of this beauty! I was very over-fumed by it as first but then discovered how wonderful it really was! After a little chat and getting all the details I found it was by Soap and Glory. I myself have never really bought any products by Soap and Glory but now I totally see the light and understand the fascination! It is described as 'A flirty floral fragrant body spray' and I would totally agree! I am sadly at least 3/4 of the way through the bottle although I will most definitely be making a trip to Boots very soon especially to buy it!

Soap and Glory Endless Glove
Here we have another amazing product from Soap and Glory which I have recently discovered! (when I say recently I mean back in December!) This has honestly been a god send to me. In the winter months I struggle and suffer with really rough cold feeling hands and always need to keep moisturising them however much like sun tan lotion I have a strong hate for the oily/greasy after feeling they always leave behind meaning you can't pick anything up for a good 30 minutes after use. This hand cream however is completely different, it has a gorgeously fragranced smell when you apply it and it miraculously doesn't leave your hands feeling oily or greasy, it just makes them feel unbelievably smooth. I have no idea how it does it but its amazing and definitely saved my hands through the winter as well as maintaining the quality of softness through the spring months.

Nivea Daily Essentials: Express Hydration Primer
I was having a look around Boots as part of a 3for2 shop when I saw this Nivea Express Hydration Primer. At the start of the year one of my beauty product goals was to start using a primer on my skin before applying my make-up so when I saw it I definitely thought I'd give it a go. I've now been using this product almost everyday before I apply my make-up instead of using a moisturiser and I really like it and once again love the feeling it leaves on my skin after. As a primer wise, I have nothing to compare it to so I can't really say whether it majorly makes a difference in the day however I would say that it definitely helps the majority of my make-up stay on for longer than it used to before, its often more noticeable when I have used a facial scrub and a proper face wash routine the night or morning before. 

Invisibobble 'the traceless hair ring'
First things first, this is one of the most difficult products to photograph as its practically invisible on my camera so I had great trouble trying to focus this one! Anyway, I have a feeling this is a product which is become quite popular as I'm seeing more people wearing and using them. It's basically an invisible looking hair band which is good for your hair as it isn't tight, very relaxing and gentle on your hair instead. At first it can be a pain to get used too, especially if you're someone who likes to wear their hair quite tight however after a week or so I found I got used to it and really liked it, I carry mine everywhere on my wrist (almost like a bracelet) they're so easy and convenient and comfortable to pop your hair up whenever needed. You can also buy them online in different colours, to match your hair colour or to stand out.

I hope you enjoyed this little (actually quite long) read of my current favourites. Fingers crossed I'll have some more favourites by the end of June for a June favourites post however I won't guarantee that one!

- Hanney ♡ xo


Friday, 29 May 2015

Room With A View - Textiles Exhibition | Day In The Life ♡

Well this is all very exiting! Today's post is something slightly different to what you would normally expect to see on my blog however it is something which I am excited about and would love to share with everyone!

Whilst on my Art & Design Foundation Diploma I got the chance to experiment with screen printing my photographic images onto fabric making a large calico textile piece. My textile piece consists of a repeated image of rocks which I took at Kilve Beach. (I also made a blog post about this day and you can find that here). The theme of these textile pieces was black and white repeated patterns. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the outcome of mine! In total 14 students at my college made textile pieces which are now on display in a exhibition open to the public. (I will leave all links below of how to access the website, where it is etc).

This is my calico monochrome repeated pattern textile piece.
All these textile pieces are for sale for £40 each.

These scarfs are made from silk and are for sale at £95 each.

Room with a View
"An exhibition of printed textiles made by students from Art Foundation at SGS College. Working on long drops of unbleached calico, each student has used monochrome screen printing processes to explore individual themes."

The gallery is open for public viewing from Saturday 16th May - Sunday 14th June 2015 10am - 4pm (Admission free)

Address of the exhibition: 
Rusken Mill
Old Bristol Road

You can visit the website for more information here

- Hanney  xo


Monday, 20 April 2015

Being nominated for a Liebster Award | Blogger community ♡

First things first, hello and thank you!
Now, before this week I had never actually heard of a 'Liebster Award' however after a little googling (quite a lot actually, I did my research!) I found out exactly what it was! A Liebster Award is something which is passed around the blogging community to those who have fewer than 200 followers. This is just simply a way of getting to know other bloggers! Which I think is such a lovely idea! I have unbelievably been nominated for the award! Later on in the week I then discovered that I wasn't just nominated by one blogger but three! So thank you ever so much to the lovely bloggers who nominated me - Samantha (samanthasbeautyloves), Farihah (cutiepiefrizzy) and Mads (yeahimlost).

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
2) Answer the 11 questions set by the person that nominated you.
3) Nominate 11 small blogs that you love to read, they must have under 200 followers (e.g. on Bloglovin') and then link their blog.
4) Set 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5) Let the nominees know that they've been nominated for the award (via comments or social media).

Here are the questions I was given by Samantha...

1. Why did you start blogging? I initially wanted to start blogging as a way of expressing myself and a way to get all my thoughts and feelings out by being able to write about it instead of having to talk out loud. However when I majorly got into the beauty and fashion world (even more so!) I decided what a better way to improve my photography skills than to do both!
2. Dream holiday? A dream holiday would be to travel the world and just explore and have an adventure.
3. What is your favourite make up brand? This is a difficult one because I like different aspects of so many but I'm going to go with MAC as I have the largest collection from that brand!
4. Dream job? My dream job is to be someone who makes a difference and makes people happy as well as doing something that I love.
5. What is your favourite TV show? I actually don't watch much TV! So this is a difficult one, but I'm gonna go with a British soap opera; Eastenders.
6. What can't you live without? MUSIC. Without a doubt.
7. Who is you favourite blogger? I'm gonna back my number one home girl Zoe Sugg all the way!
8. When are you happiest? When I'm surrounded by positive people with lots of positive energy!
9. Whats your go to clothes shop? H&M and New Look, always seem to be my go-to shops!
10. Do you have any hidden talents? I'm a dancer! Ballet, Modern, Tap and even a little bit of Irish! 
11. What is your favourite app? Instagram or Twitter (It's too hard to decide!)

Here are the questions I was given by Farihah...

1. If you could pick any fictional character who would you pick and why? Ariel, the little mermaid because I have always wanted to be a mermaid and that dream will always live on! 
2. Where is the one place you are determined to visit before you die? New York, that's the dream!
3. Favourite pizza topping? A little bit boring but the standard cheese and tomato!
4. What upcoming movie are you excited about? Pitch Perfect 2! Ahhhh!
5. Describe one of your best friends Talkative, passionate about cars, very attractive, always brings your mood up no matter what and my favourite person in the entire world!
6. Do you ever judge a book by it's cover? Be honest! I do, every time! Doesn't stop me reading or buying the book!
7. What was the last thing you bought? A silver triangle necklace which I am in love with!
8. What are your hobbies? Photography
9. Weirdest food you've ever eaten? Mars bar in batter (tastes a lot better than it sounds!)
10. Favourite ice-cream? Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough, mmm...
11. How is your heart lately? My heart is filled with complete love and affection. Although feeling very stressed over college work!

Here are the questions I was given by Mads...

1. How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as personal, confident and comfortable not necessarily unique but definitely something which always makes me feel confident and comfortable.
2. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you instantly go? Sydney, Australia.
3. If you could be a food, what food would you be? Pizza because everyone wants a slice of me! (too cheesy?)
4. Favourite beauty product at the moment? Soap and Glory Hand Cream 'Endless Glove'.
5. Favourite Song or Album at the moment? Kodaline - The One
6. Books or Movies? If so, which one specifically? I absolutely love both but I prefer spending some down time relaxing and just watching a film. My favourite is A Cinderella Story, constantly on repeat I don't think I'll ever get bored of it in fact!
7. What fashion item is at the top of your wish list? Cropped pastel coloured trousers
8. Who in the world do you wish you could meet? Justin Bieber, just to say thank you.
9. Favourite Food? Full English Breakfast, you can't ever go wrong with one of those!
10. What advice would you give your younger self? Do more of what makes you happy, don't ever stop yourself from being happy just because it doesn't make everyone else around you happy. Put yourself first for a change.
11. Why did you start Blogging? I've already answered this already, just at the top of the questions.

Here are the 11 bloggers that I nominate:
Courtney | lipstickfullofoptimism
Lucy | missdaisylu
Emily | pinkiesandpeaches
Brooke | chicbfl
Imii | nettleandblackberry
Kaylee and Shaguna | goldandhearts
Chloe | itsonlychloe
Lucy | inlucysland
Serena | ramblingsofanotherunistudent
Catriona | catrionalauder
Tabby | comejoinusforacupoftea

Here are my 11 questions:

1. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would you choose?
2. What is your favourite type of blog post to read?
3. When was the last time you did something for the first time? and what was it?
4. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
5. What would you love to be doing in 5 years time?
6. If I gave you £500 to spend, what would you buy?
7. What does a day in your life look like?
8. Is there something which you love to do, although most people dislike it?
9. What is a book you would recommend as a must read?
10. Describe the last photo taken on your phone?
11. What is something which you're proud of yourself for?

Thank you again to the bloggers who nominated me, make sure you check out their blogs too! Also, I can't wait to read all the responses from the bloggers which I nominated!

love always, Hanney  xo


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Where do you get your inspiration from? | Inspiration and Ideas ♡

Today's post is very short, sweet and simple! I'm currently in the middle of completing my Final Major Project for my college course and have chosen to focus on Fashion Photography. Which I am very excited about! But as always, thinking of new original ideas can always be a task however I love creating moodboards, mindmaps, you name it any form or jotting down ideas and thoughts for new projects or blog posts even. I've been looking for a website where I can post a load of images and link everything together (an online moodboard, basically) very much like Pinterest. That's when I found a website called 'GoMoodboard' which has been very useful to me! Above is a GIF of screenshots which I created showing a snippet of my visual moodboard. You can view it online and live here.

It then got me thinking and interested, how do other people plan blog posts? Lists? Mind maps? Journals? I'd love to know and hear your ideas in the comments.

Love always,  Hanney 


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

College trip to Kilve Beach | Day In The Life ♡

Of course, a selfie must always be taken somewhere which you enjoy!
Not such a bright and sunny day that I would've hoped for but lovely views!
 There are so many wonderful textures on pebbles and rocks
I was amazed at the beautiful colours of the pebbles, this picture doesn't do justice!
We found a fossil in the rocks (unfortunately you aren't allowed to take them home, which was quite good on this occasion as this one was rather large and in the ground!)
 Don't mind me getting arty with my camera angles ;)
This is one of my tutors, Simon; eating his ham sandwiches on the rocks!
This is my lovely group of friends which I was able to explore the beach with! Yay! Our 10 second self timer photo worked very well! 
My "they don't call me a blogger for nothing" photo
Cream then Jam or Jam then Cream?

On the 19th March I went on a lovely (very short) road trip to Kilve Beach with a small group from my college. The aim was to collect photographs and sketches however I am really not the greatest person when it comes to drawing and sketches so I left that up to the artists of the group and kept my camera firmly in my hands for the beautiful pebbly beach scenery! Kilve Beach is located in Somerset and is somewhere which I have never been before however I can now guarantee that it is somewhere where I will most definitely been returning again! We did all complain about the coldness of the sea air when we stepped only one foot out of the minibus and all instantly regretted not wearing more layers. I think we definitely underestimated the tutors advice of 'bring extra layers, it will be very cold'. None the less, we all soon warmed up as soon as we saw the wonderful views and the sight of a big adventure ahead of us. We all separated our own ways (hoping not to get lost) and went in search of fossils. To our success we actually managed to find quite a few, I found it ever so fascinating and interesting. The day was finished very nicely by finding a lovely Afternoon Tea Cafe (oh so British!). Of course, we all chose to have a pot of tea and scones with cream and jam and very lovely they were too!

- Hanney xo

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