In and around Wells Cathedral | A day in the life ♡

So this blog post is more in the style of 'a day in the life' a little different but I always find it so interesting writing about a specific event so here goes!

As of the 5th August we had a family guest come to stay with us all the way from Tokyo. We had decided that we wanted to take him sightseeing around Bristol. We decided to go to Wells for the day, wonder around the shops a little and take a trip inside and around the Cathedral. I absolutely love nothing more than being a tourist especially somewhere where I've never been before or just somewhere which I haven't been to for a while. There was so much to photograph and I'm a complete sucker for buildings and all of its amazing and ever so interesting architecture.  

Where did you go in the summer holidays which was somewhere you've never been before but really enjoyed it?

- Hanney ♡ 

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