I'm feeling ever so very excited | My first ever blog post ♡

Hello everyone! (aka no one as this is my first ever post)

I am ever so excited about starting this blog! I'm jumping up and down inside and itching to get my blog up and running and start making blog posts. After hours of html trouble (and lots of shouting at my laptop screen) I have finally got my blog starting to look more like how I want it to be. 

Writing and actually making a blog is something I've wanted to do for years however I've never plucked up the courage to start writing or neither have I known what to write about! So here it goes, this will be a little place for me to blog about days out, my favourite things, beauty products, my random little ideas and my ever so many rambling thoughts! I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me and come along for the adventure. (: 

- Hanney ♡

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