Thursday, 18 December 2014

MAC Faux Lipstick | Review ♡

Product featured above: MAC Satin Lipstick in the shade 'Faux'.

I recently purchased this MAC Satin Lipstick as an impulse quick buy on eBay. I noticed it was a cheap price as well as BNIB (Brand New In Box) and thought I'd give it a try. Well, I can clearly say its been one of my most successful purchases ever made! The colour description by MAC is 'Muted mauve-pink'. It's the closest to a nude shade that I have ever personally worn. I feel it is a very flattening colour for me and finishes off the full everyday make-up look very well. I wear it as an everyday lipstick as its a perfect and acceptable colour for work as well as college. 

My favourite thing about MAC lipsticks has definitely got to be the long lasting stay which is so important to me because I feel like I'm always topping it up and usually with this lipstick and colour in particular I can even last until lunch without topping it up (even with a few snacks in between!).

- Hanney ♡


Friday, 14 November 2014

Eye Make-Up Remover | Review ♡

Products featured above: Miniature bottles of Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover & The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover.

Around 4 months ago I chose to take some much needed action and start looking after my skin a lot more. I have often been very lazy and never yet bothered to take off my make-up at the end of a day, leaving me to sort out the panda eye mess the following morning! So I thought what a great place to start would be my eyes as a everyday make-up routine consists of a small amount of eyeliner and mascara.

I started by using the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover. I simply just applied a small amount to a cotton pad and started at the inner corner of my eye wiping outwards. Wiping over my eyes a few more times and all the black eye make-up was simply removed! I was very impressed at how utterly effortless it really was taking off eye make-up. As for my skin afterwards my eyes felt very soft which I found was vitally important for such a sensitive area. I would definitely recommend this one and will definitely be buying a larger bottle instead of a tiny miniature to test it out.

After I was about half way through the Simple bottle I wanted to compare The Body Shop Eye Make-Up Remover. This is something which I bought ages ago and never got round to actually using it! However I am very glad that I did because it feels so soft and refreshing on the eyes, (stings A LOT when you get it in your eyes, as do all others, definitely wouldn't advise that one!) but a very high standard make-up remover, even so that I've already bought a second (much larger) bottle and I will be alternating between The Body Shop and Simple. 

- Hanney ♡ 


Thursday, 4 September 2014

In and around Wells Cathedral | A day in the life ♡

So this blog post is more in the style of 'a day in the life' a little different but I always find it so interesting writing about a specific event so here goes!

As of the 5th August we had a family guest come to stay with us all the way from Tokyo. We had decided that we wanted to take him sightseeing around Bristol. We decided to go to Wells for the day, wonder around the shops a little and take a trip inside and around the Cathedral. I absolutely love nothing more than being a tourist especially somewhere where I've never been before or just somewhere which I haven't been to for a while. There was so much to photograph and I'm a complete sucker for buildings and all of its amazing and ever so interesting architecture.  

Where did you go in the summer holidays which was somewhere you've never been before but really enjoyed it?

- Hanney ♡ 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I'm feeling ever so very excited | My first ever blog post ♡

Hello everyone! (aka no one as this is my first ever post)

I am ever so excited about starting this blog! I'm jumping up and down inside and itching to get my blog up and running and start making blog posts. After hours of html trouble (and lots of shouting at my laptop screen) I have finally got my blog starting to look more like how I want it to be. 

Writing and actually making a blog is something I've wanted to do for years however I've never plucked up the courage to start writing or neither have I known what to write about! So here it goes, this will be a little place for me to blog about days out, my favourite things, beauty products, my random little ideas and my ever so many rambling thoughts! I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me and come along for the adventure. (: 

- Hanney ♡

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